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    Chris Abbotsford is a pseudonym. My 'real' job is in PR mostly technology, corporate, and legal; something I've been doing for over twenty years. I've only ever written for clients on diverse subjects for mainstream and trade media. I liked the idea of writing under a different name so came up with Chris Abbotsford.



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    South West London, United Kingdom. Moved to Asia in the 90's.



    Writing, hiking, photography, travel, technology. I am a cat and dog herder; I'm sure they describe me the same way.

  • The Wheelhouse - Adult fiction, 115,000 words, unpublished.

    Simone's mother had a unique dying wish; commit insurance fraud to raise the necessary funds to renovate their family home on Willows Ait; an eyot on the River Thames between Kingston and Richmond.


    "Don't worry, Simone, I've thought it all out..


    Having just returned from being 'off-grid' in Asia for five years following a chance 'drop everything' meeting, the last thing Simone wanted was to get caught up in a poorly thought out and crazy insurance scam. It didn't help that her estranged sister, Tori, was going to university and thus everything was dumped on Simone.


    Two events within a day forces Simone to change her mind and, albeit with modifications to her mother's original plan, pushes forward with planning and preparations. It's not long before Simone finds herself entangled with a family crime syndicate, an unorthodox police unit, and a violent enforcer with a penchant for reality shows.


    Simone must outwit everyone to deliver her mother's ask without getting locked up, killed, or worse.



    Seeking literary agent representation.

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    Ed McBain, Lee Child, Michael Connelly, Carl Hiaasen, Stuart MacBride, Arthur Conan-Doyle, Jo Nesbo, J.K. Rowling, Vince Flynn, Colin Falconer, Duncan Falconer, Stephen J Cannell, Dennis Lehane, David Baldacci, Elmore Leonard, Ian McEwan, Roald Dahl, John Grisham, Ken Follett, Ian Rankin, Agatha Christie, Max Hastings, MIchael Crichton, Stephen Leather, Dick Francis, Ben Elton, Gerald Seymour,


    Max Hastings. Steve Coll, John Pilger, Richard Overy, Mark Urban, John Simpson, Kate Adie, John Peel, Richard Balls (Ian Dury), Michael Smith, Andy McNab (fiction and non), Chris Ryan (fiction and non), Laurie Mylroie, Joseph Keon, Bethany McLean and Peter Ekland, Mimi Swartz and Sherron Watkins, Paco Underhill, Chris Anderson, Paul Roberts, Tristram Stuart, Michael Moore, William Poundstone, Gordon Ramsay, Anthony Bourdain, Neil Chenoweth, Geoffrey Robertson, Peter Arnett, Tim Collins, Christopher Robbins, Misha Glenny, David Leslie, Gordon Corera, Myra MacPherson, Geoffrey Best,

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