A Steep Price (Tracy Crosswhite Book 6) by Robert Dugoni

This will be my final book in the series. A Steep Price was a slow plod and I had to skip many sections.

The main story brings in an arranged marriage theme whereas the first story involves a drive-by. Apologies if this review reads confusingly. Just trying to explain it.

The first story was never sufficiently told. We had the victim, the investigation and in the midst of all that, a spin off into the personal lives of a key detective and his wife.

Although the first plot was the hook into the book, the secondary plot became the main story.

One thing I found irksome was the missing body being found in abandoned well. This is not a spoiler because it’s written in the book blurb on Amazon. To find out this bit of information, one has to read 60% of the book.

The first story: I still don’t know what was the reason for the drive-by. Or why the print on the hood was about to be wiped. There was a lazy non-explanation which annoyed me even more.

By this time I knew I had to finish the book. And fast. I lost interest, was not invested, and on a never never quest to find out if it got better. It didn’t.