I write book and TV series reviews on Amazon, Barnes & Noble (new), Instagram and on this, my newly revamped self-built website.

When Covid first hit, work from home was quick to follow. I decided to see how many books I could read in one year and write a review each time on Amazon and Instagram. Rather than read my staple go-to authors, I wanted to expand my horizons more by reading books by first-time or new-to-me authors.

This proved to be a (mostly) advantageous move and the experience opened the door to many great works of fiction and non-fiction.

I don’t get paid to review books, but I have been fortunate enough to receive books from various publishers and authors (who reached out to me on Twitter) in exchange for genuine reviews. In some cases, the freebie I was given was so good I went off and purchased more by the same author.

Twitter Writing Community

On Twitter I follow the #writingcommunity and #writing hashtags; an excellent mix of established and first-time authors, soon-to-be published authors (that’s me!), literary agents, publishers, promoters, and more.

Unpublished Today, Tomorrow Maybe

And yes, I am an unpublished author. I’ve written a book and spent years tinkering with it.

Happy Reading!


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