Billion Dollar Loser: The Epic Rise and Spectacular Fall of Adam Neumann and WeWork by Reeves Wiedeman

What do you call someone who founded a business and walked away with US$1 billion?

This is a book about the rise and fall of WeWork’s founder. This is also a book about the birth of a company and how it became an established, global force in the co-sharing / shared office sector.

I read this on a Kindle as I commuted daily to a WeWork. I’m a big fan. After working in a ‘proper’ office for years, WeWork was/is a refreshing change from the drudgery of a traditional office layout and workings.

Right off the bat, two things put me off about Billion Dollar Loser. The book title and the ridiculous pulled quote in the beginning.

Maybe my joyful experience at WeWork clouded my enjoyment / interest but I felt the author did everything they could to discredit the founder.

I accept there are parts of AN’s life that are odd / outrageous but this guy had a vision and when all was done and dusted, WeWork survived and he walked away with nearly a billion dollars. How’s that losing or being a loser?

It’s clear a lot of research went into the book and there some fine details that keep the book trotting along. The how, why and background is all explained well.

Overall, I was disappointed about the book’s negativity and inability to try to inject a more balanced view. No laws were broken and there were no charges filed.