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Ten years ago, it was a struggle to even get a simple page up and running on the Internet. There were too many steps, the design templates were poor, and everything was just too hard. Web designers were in strong demand and were able to charge high rates to build even a simple site.

Going alone meant purchasing a domain from a registrar - a complicated process - and paying extra for a website builder package that, in general, were complicated and, mostly, too hard. Many hours were spent trying to understand the instructions, navigating through a user interface from hell, an overriding fear of getting everything wrong. Painful.

Fast forward five years and everything changed. Website building became fun. Gone were complicated instructions and in came slick, DIY sites with vastly improved teach-yourself tutorials. Everything was made much easier with the offer of free and paid-for templates removing the last pain and misery bastions in designing functional websites.

Now, it's possible to build and launch a basic - but good looking - website in under ten minutes and possible to log in time and time again to experiment, learn, add / delete content to your heart's content.

There are even sites out there that ask a few questions, and then uses artificial intelligence to build a site. Tried one of those; not a totally satisfactory experience but I'm sure later versions will be better.

DIY site builders are designed for the individual or small company and anything more complex usually requires farming out to a third party developer. There's so much choice out there that it's like choosing a phone; whatever you feel comfortable with, use.

After trying several website builders, I found Strikingly* was the best match. Easy to use, no heavy selling, nice user interface, top drawer templates, and an attractive look and feel.

They say, "Strikingly lets anyone build a well-designed, mobile-friendly website in minutes."

It's true. I did it with this website. I got a basic one up in record time and then regularly revisited to improve it. There are tons of royalty-free images and everything is just made so easy. It's hard to get it wrong. The instructions are clear, and the site can be previewed before launching. To be clear, Strikingly has various packages on offer.

It's so easy, it's one of those things that can be mastered in a couple of hours. Just think if you can do it, you might be able to develop this it into a side business.

*Full disclosure: The links provided through the Strikingly Ambassador affiliate programme and potentially some goodies will come this way. I've had a great experience with Strikingly and I'm a big fan. I have not been asked to write this review or am I being paid for it. There are free and paid-for options.

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