Back in 2016 when I decided to write a book, I knew I wanted to write under a pseudonym. I didn't want my own name to be on the cover (if it got to that) and liked the idea of seeing another. How I came up with the name is another - and for now - untold story.


Having selected the name, I then went and purchased the domain. I set up Twitter, Gmail, YouTube and Pinterest accounts and virtually left them alone apart from the odd post. I registered the domain for a potential alternative to the working title I have now.


The actual writing was enjoyable as was the research. The book is set in fictional and non-fictional locations and present day for realism.


Many places are milestones in my life: Kingston, Richmond, Teddington, Birmingham, the Royal Parks (I've amalgamated them all into one fictional park) etc.


I used the old adage of writing about what you know a lot about and, unfortunately, this happens to be dentists. I say unfortunately because it's not an easy subject to discuss without people grimacing or changing the subject.


But that was the spark and it has led to 115,000 words with very little of these spent in the dental surgery itself.

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