Blue Bird by Trish Finnegan

Set in the 70s, Blue Bird is a compelling read

Blue Bird is a police procedural set in era where new technologies don’t clutter up but rather add to the storytelling.

So often I read a book where the lack of mobile coverage becomes a reason for a delay in reporting, discovering, actioning or something else in the story. Which is why Blue Bird is such a refreshing read since modern technology has been removed as the story is set in 1976.

The year setting is artfully stated in the beginning to set the frame and the author adds suitable colour along the way. Little things like paper reports, sending by post a request for driving information and the trialling by the Met of a new computer system are a nice touch and add colour.

We see a very un-PC police force in the telling of the story. There are bits that jar such as the repetitive use of Hellfire as a swearword.

All in all, I can’t wait to read the next one to see how the central characters develop in the 70’s setting. 4.5/5