Five Go On A Strategy Away Day (Enid Blyton for Grown Ups) by Bruno Vincent

Killingly funny in places

One of the very few printed books read this year and I found it a real laugh.

[I remember reading the original Famous Five books by Enid Blyton in my younger years. I never really got into teen detective novels and had tried FF and Nancy Drew books.]

This book is written with wit and in the style of a modernised Famous Five as they go on a corporate breakout. Killingly funny in places with language reminiscent of the hyperbole spouted in the dotcom era.

Most entertaining. Good for a reading quickly at under 100 pages and illustrations riffing off those found in the original books.

[This was my 57th and last book read in 2020. My NY resolution in 2020 was to read a book a week. All the books I finished, I then reviewed. I discovered many new and great authors, and read some great fiction and non-fiction. Most were read on Kindle (my first). All the original reviews can be found on my Instagram page.