Follow Him by Craig Stewart


This was my first(!) book in the supernatural horror genre and. I was given Follow Him by the publisher, Hellbound Books, in exchange for a brief review.

First off, it’s an engaging read. Just when you think the story will go down a predictable path, it gets dragged into another direction.

The story centres on a cult – The Shared Heart – and how Jacob, a Dreg (AKA disciple), was rescued by his former fiancée, Nina who’s intention is to ‘awaken’ Jacob and reject the cult so they can continue their happy life together.

So far so good. But then we discover something isn’t quite right with Nina who is trying to overcome a tragic incident. There are some intense sex and violent scenes yet these are anything but gratuitous.

I thought it was a good read and the ending is punchy and one that I hadn’t expected at all. 3.5/5