Getting Published: How to hook an agent, get a deal & build a career you love (Jericho Writers Guides) by Harry Bingham

An absolute must read for all first-time authors out there

This is the book I should have read before embarking my first book writing adventure as it has everything one needs to know about the world of publishing and what it all means.

A best-selling author in his own right, Harry Bingham also runs The Jericho Writers agency helping first and experienced authors with various courses and tools.

There are mentions of TJW throughout the book so it can feel being sold to at times, yet the content is incredibly insightful, and offers guidance.

Instead of reading multiple articles about how the publishing industry works, just get this book. Everything is answered and will serve as a great future reference.

Royalties, book covers, marketing, agents, publishers, sales, bookshops and more – no stone is left unturned and described in detail using ‘this is how it is’ language.

This is a must-have for people looking to write a book for the first time. I do very much regret not finding this book earlier.