Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Two tale tellers telling two tales

I’ve read this book before and thoroughly enjoyed the way it was written, the story and cliffhangers. The second time of reading was just as enjoyable.

Gone Girl is told by husband Nick Dunne and his wife Amy in split narration so the reader can read two points of view.

Nick returns home from work and finds the house in disarray and Amy missing. The day is significant because it’s their fifth wedding anniversary.

Each anniversary, they exchange gifts and Amy gives Nick clues to a treasure hunt of memorable places they both know.

Yet Amy is missing and the treasure hunt comes into play with each clue resonating with Nick in ways he never imagined.

What is exceptionally clever about this book is just as you are lulled into liking either Nick or Amy, something is said / experienced, that is then confirmed by the other resulting in a change of support.

We get to read about their lives, faults, conniving, plotting, existence, betrayal, character and personality faults.

The hunt for Amy is explained by the two narrators with various supporting characters woven in further adding to the mystery within.

I think the movie did do the book justice but I will read rather than watch again Gone Girl. I also like the fact that the book is a standalone.