Her Final Breath (Tracy Crosswhite #2) by Robert Dugoni

Engrossing read

My New Year resolution in 2020 was to read a book a week and try to discover new authors. At first I read more books per week than anticipated and had built up a surplus. Then I hit a rough patch and went a couple of weeks without reading breaking my resolution. But my mojo returned and I embarked again on a reading spree.

I set out to record on Twitter and review on Instagram. This served to keep me going and turned out to be fun to write short reviews. I’ve also discovered some brilliant fiction and non-fiction authors along the way.

The second Tracy Crosswhite book in the series and it didn’t disappoint. Many authors have a tendency to dump backstory wholesale and it’s annoying. Remove the backstory from many books and what’s left is decidedly thin.

Not with The Last Breath. References to the first book are few and compliment – rather than support – the story telling.

The sinister murder of a woman in the same peculiar (and gross) manner as a case a few years before sets the frame for Her Last Breath. This time Tracy is working with other detectives to track down the killer.

In the old case, the man thought to be responsible was caught and sent to prison for life. Just so happens it was Tracy’s supervisor who made the arrest along with his partner at the time.

Yet again, the story is well told and combined understated rich detail. A loose end from Book 1 was woven into Book 2.