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    Max Hastings. Steve Coll, John Pilger, Richard Overy, Mark Urban, John Simpson, Kate Adie, John Peel, Richard Balls, Michael Smith, Andy McNab (fiction and non), Chris Ryan (fiction and non), Laurie Mylroie, Joseph Keon, Bethany McLean and Peter Ekland, Mimi Swartz and Sherron Watkins, Paco Underhill, Chris Anderson, Paul Roberts, Tristram Stuart, Michael Moore, William Poundstone, Gordon Ramsay, Anthony Bourdain, Neil Chenoweth, Geoffrey Robertson, Peter Arnett, Tim Collins, Christopher Robbins, Misha Glenny, David Leslie, Gordon Corera, Myra MacPherson, Geoffrey Best,


    Ed McBain, Lee Child, Michael Connelly, Carl Hiaasen, Stuart MacBride, Arthur Conan-Doyle, Jo Nesbo, J.K. Rowling, Vince Flynn, Colin Falconer, Duncan Falconer, Stephen J Cannell, Dennis Lehane, David Baldacci, Elmore Leonard, Ian McEwan, Roald Dahl, John Grisham, Ken Follett, Ian Rankin, Agatha Christie, Max Hastings, MIchael Crichton, Stephen Leather, Dick Francis, Ben Elton, Gerald Seymour,

    TV Series

    CSI: Vegas, Cracker, Rebus, Wire In The Blood, CSI: Miami, Messiah, Rescue Me, Prime Suspect, Billions, Widows, The Sopranos, Band of Brothers, The Professionals, Bodyguard, Real Detective, True Detective, Marcella, Stranger Things, Sherlock, Mindhunter, Alias, Sons of Anarchy, Deadliest Catch, Gold Rush, Breaking Bad, Band of Brothers, Dexter, House of Cards (BBC), The Office, Twin Peaks, Suits, Traitors, Mr Robot, Rome, Prison Break, Mindhunter, Homeland, Fawlty Towers, Entourage, The Shield, Jessica Jones, Safe, State of Play, Ozark, The X-Files, Life on Mars, Narcos, 24,

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