Outer Banks: A Shore Thing for Teenage Thrill-Seekers!

Outer Banks
Outer Banks

Outer Banks Season 1 Netflix – Review 

I’m not a big fan of the child / teenager detective movie and TV show genre, although Stranger Things is an exception. And so too is Outer Banks. 

I sat through a few minutes of countless dross and awfulness of several new to me shows on Netflix, leaving me with serious doubts about the ability to keep on paying. 

Then I found Outer Banks, a Netflix Original, (or, perhaps, the algorithm found me) and found the show enjoyable. 

Outer Banks Season 1 introduces viewers to a group of teenagers living on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, where the divide between the working class “Pogues” and the wealthy “Kooks” forms the backdrop for a thrilling adventure.

The Pogues hunt for a long-lost treasure that could change their lives forever and the story has many twists and turns. US$400 million of gold on an old ship that went down in a big storm hundreds of years ago.

The father of our main hero, JB, had been hunting for the wreck for years and then went missing. This part I found a little stretched – about JB aged 16 living on his own and avoiding social services and the police and being put into foster care.

Chuck in crusty old and weird neighbours, drug dealers, storms, love interests, partying, an old watch, robust characters, a touch of disbelief, gold, police, murder, violence and you get an engaging story. 

Main Characters

John B (Chase Stokes)
Fiercely loyal and brave young man who is driven by the search for answers about his father’s disappearance and the Pogues’ natural leader. 

J.J. (Rudy Pankow)
An impulsive character who is always up for an adventure. A troubled home life and sometimes questionable decision-making. 

Pope (Jonathan Daviss)
Brings intelligence and resourcefulness to the Pogues. This character develops into something a little bit different from expected.

Kiara (Madison Bailey)
A strong-willed and independent character who often acts as a voice of reason within the group.

Sarah Cameron (Madelyn Cline)
Daughter of a wealthy Kook family, has a bf, likes JB. There are sparks and surprises! 

The story unfolds at a steady pace, with each episode revealing new clues and challenges that keep viewers on the edge of their seats. 

The writing is such that it’s quick to see the chemistry between the main cast making their friendships feel authentic. The show’s creators effectively balance suspenseful moments with heartfelt scenes, providing a well-rounded viewing experience.

There is often a risk of child/teenager coming of age type shows veering into Famous Five territory where the clues often just fall into the laps of the characters. Or, another common issue is a strong morality lesson which was a popular theme in shows from the 80s. Or there are Scooby Doo moments of a big reveal.

Outer Banks doesn’t fall into these traps. I admit to being way too old for the demographic, but I liked the show and found the cast to be believable, whereas the story line is a little farfetched. But it’s TV! It’s allowed! Stranger Things was scifi but had a real-life feeling!

The ending to the season was a little obvious but nicely done. Plus, the cops are not portrayed as being unable to tie their own shoelaces, which is an all to common mechanism to trigger an FBI (SBI in Outer Banks) case take over.

Season 1 of Outer Banks on Netflix is strong 3.5 from me.

The show’s engaging cast of characters, intriguing plot, and beautiful setting make it a truly enjoyable viewing experience, with the promise of even more excitement in the following seasons.

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