SkyView: Lord of the Wills by M Sheehan

Author found me on Twitter and sent this book for review. Great read.

Although I’ve read few books in this genre, SkyView was different to others as, several times, I looked up on Wikipedia various battles and castles mentioned in the book. They all checked out. That made me realize the incredible hours of research that must have gone into writing this book.SkyView is firmly in the historical science fiction category and meanders through 700 years of (mostly) real history in a quest to find riches.

William Ward is given the opportunity to track down a vast fortune that has remained hidden for centuries. Over the years, many of Ward’s relatives have tried to unravel the mystery but all have failed.

The first few pages of SkyView are taken up with family trees showing the relationships between the characters.

This is a pre-warning of what’s to come – think Game of Thrones family intricacies but leave any similarity between GoT and Skyview there. There is a huge amount of historical information to take in and sometimes this can be overwhelming.

Traditionally, science and historical fiction calls upon time travel as the means to take the reader on the story’s journey. In SkyView, the author uses augmented reality and holographies as the storytelling crutch. Into the mix are numerous characters representing good and evil. I lost track a bit trying to keep up with a few.

The author found me on Twitter and sent me the book in exchange for an honest review. This is 5/5.