Snabba Cash, Series 1

Top drawer drama on Netflix

Buckle up for a thrilling, gritty drama.

Series from Sweden about a single mother trying to get funding for her startup intertwined with a brutal gang of drug dealers.

Two years ago I got fed up with the quite frankly rubbish wooden translated voice overs and poor English sub-titling of foreign series. Netflix must have known there was a problem because I received a short survey with a question about the quality of subtitling.

I wonder how many foreign-language movies / series out there are unable to make an impact with wider audiences due to poor subtitling or voiceovers.

OK, rant over. My point is, Snabba Cash doesn’t suffer this issue.

This is a thrilling six-part series with a strong storyline and solid acting from an extraordinary cast. We see Leya struggling to bring up her son, working two jobs and trying to get her startup funded. It just so happens the son’s father is a violent druglord.

When a potential backer pulls out, Leya is forced to seek a loan from her ex yet manages to get caught up in a drug war. Her current boyfriend who she thought was a wedding singer turns out to be a hitman / enforcer.

Throughout each episode is an undercurrent of violence just waiting around the corner and this is brilliantly supported by dark and foreboding music and sound design.

There’s one scene reminiscent of the famous Heat shootout which is thrilling to watch and well shot to watch.

Even the last episode failed to telegraph the ending and it was an epic finale.

There’s one part at the end that was unnecessary I thought (to do with Leya’s drug money loan) yet this is minor and the series is 5/5 for me.