The Hard Way by Mark ‘Billy’ Billingham

What happens to a highly decorated soldier after a 20+ year military career

I didn’t know anything about the Mark ‘Billy’ Billingham until I was served a ‘you might be interested in this’ by Instagram and then, eventually, I purchased the book.

I have read many military history books and find the experiences of those in the military interesting to read and vastly different to my own life/career.

The Hard Way was a good read especially the part about the author’s hard life growing up and how this set him up for a long career in the UK military.

From the amateur boxing, joining the paras, selection, approach to fitness, and describing his journey, this is a thoroughly readable book.

Where I think this book drops off a cliff somewhat is there is nothing about his life in the special forces although the author does explain why. But still there’s a 20+ year gap before it picks up again. This happens about half way in but I did manage to re-engage.

The private security work for the rich and famous, appearing in a movie, and the TV series provide some light moments but the stand out for me in the second half was the drop everything and go and help in Haiti after the devastating earthquake there.

I read this on a Kindle. There are a few photos (all come out well).

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