The Last Sister by Kendra Elliot

Not my cup of coffee

New author to me for my 54th book read in 2020 and it’s firmly in the romcrim category. Wasn’t too sure what to expect but thought I’d give it a go.

I took an instant dislike to the portrayal of the local cops being so dimwitted that the FBI had to come in and take charge. [This the-police-are-too-dim event is used in my works of fiction and is becoming tiresome.]

There’s a double murder to kick off the story with an unbelievably coincidental relevance to a death twenty years before of the father of the person who discovered the latest horror.

Book moves along at a pedestrian pace with predictable outcomes, and there are few page turning moments. Even the red herrings were dead on arrival.

This just didn’t resonate and is a series ender for me.