The Wedding Killer by Michael Fowler

The second book in a brand new and exciting UK police procedural series by Michael Fowler.

This time Dr Hamlett Mottrell has passed his detective exams and joined the police force and joining Alix Rainbow.

Someone is calling students with creepy messages and sending weird wedding invitations. The targeted victims then disappear and are presumed dead. Except one survived.

This book does revisit the Book 1 plot but rather than senseless padding, intertwines with Book 2.

Further character development takes place and it’s mostly a fast paced read. The bond between Alix and Hamlet grows stronger but with a handbrake on intimacy.

I wasn’t too sure if such a scheme exists where civilians can be fast tracked into detective-hood especially those that had been charged (and cleared) of multiple murder. That was the only thing that jarred.

I liked this book and give it a strong 4/5.

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