This is a Robbery: The World’s Biggest Art Heist

Documentary that looks at the world’s biggest art heist that I’d never heard about until I watched

This is a four-part documentary about the theft of art in 1991 and the mystery of their disappearance, the suspects and the investigation.

The robbery took place at night time and, in 81 minutes, multiple works of art were stolen and never seen again. We hear from the FBI, police, museum staff, and various suspects. We see how the robbery took place, what was taken and what was left behind.

Overall, this was a good documentary but I felt it could have been squeezed into three episodes rather than four. There was some repetition and a few strands leading nowhere.

I did get a clear sense of straws being clutched with no satisfactory ending. The one thing I did feel was despair that such beautiful artwork has disappeared.

Likely these pieces were stolen to order and are now giving pleasure to a collector rather then enjoyed by the masses. Or they are stashed somewhere with no one knowing the value. Or they’ve been destroyed.