TV Series: White Lines, Season 1, 10 episodes

A fine mystery that takes dramatic turns

My first TV series review and I chose White Lines – a great find.

Story line: Zoe Walker travels from Manchester UK to discover how her brother, missing for 20 years in Ibiza, was found dead in a desert in Spain.

If clubbing, drugs, debauchery / sausage fests, romance, full frontal nudity, sex, trance, dysfunctional families, interfering parents, camper vans, classic cars, Ibiza, murder, mayhem, gallows humour, tripping, drinking, partying, a helping of the Oedipus complex, communal living, drug dealing and smuggling appeals, then this is for you.

The mystery of what happened to Axel Collins (Walker’s brother) gets edgier with every episode and the story travels into unchartered territory.

The reveal when it came was unexpected.

I felt there was a good deal of unnecessary and, equally, incredulous scenes that could have been chopped. The story got lost a few times and the crime families were underplayed in my view. Side plots were, mostly, predictable in their outcomes.

Standout acting for me was Daniel Mays – can be seen in and is quite excellent in Line of Duty Season 3 – who plays Marcus and Nuno Lopes as Boxer.

Laura Haddock (Zoe Walker) is the star for bringing a versatile performance to White Lines.

Special mention to Tom Rhys Harris who played Axel brilliantly – we are going to see more of him in the future on big and small screens.

Note: White Lines, Season 2 was cancelled.