Stay Close, A Harlan Coben Adaptation (2023)

A Harlan Coben adaptation, the TV series Stay Close veers from excellent to what the heck

Stay Close, A Harlan Coben Adaptation (2023)

Stay Close is a book by American author Harlan Coben, and first published in 2012. The story’s main character is Megan Pierce, a suburban mother with a dark past that she has kept hidden from her family and friends. When Megan’s past comes back to haunt her, she is forced to confront the secrets she has been keeping and the people she left behind.

Here’s the trailer on YouTube.

This is a Netflix adaptation and is a gritty drama miniseries that jinks between very and not good. Although saying that, there is a terrific twist right at the end, which was unexpected.

[Compared to Safe, another Harlan Coben adaptation also on Netflix, and despite the flaws, I preferred Stay Close. Safe stars Michael Hall, a superb actor.]

Stay Close stars Cush Jumbo, Richard Armitage, Daniel Francis, Eddie Izzard, Sarah Parrish, James Nesbitt, Daniel Francis and Jo Joyner.

The first episode sees a young man going missing from the Viper nightclub, which sets off a chain of events revealing multiple layers.

Nearly every central character has something to hide, and I did like how these layers were peeled back. The appearance of a pair of psychos jarred and was overdone – almost as if they were in the wrong series.

The original novel was set in New York and the Netflix series took place in England. This didn’t always gel well. For example, Cush’s character changed her name and went half an hour down the road to start a new life. It’s unbelievable that she wouldn’t bump into people she had known in her old life.

There’s plenty of drama and the acting is mostly excellent. The last episode tied up all the loose ends.

Slight spoilers ahead.

If there is a cellar involved in any drama, book, or movie, it is – IMO – unfeasible that nothing happens to a stranger exploring the space.

The 5th episode discovery in the woods was obviously done out of convenience, and was totally unnecessary and senseless.


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