Cold Blood (Detective Erika Foster Series, #5) by Robert Bryndza (2023)

Strap in for a rollercoaster ride in Cold Blood (Detective Erika Foster) by Robert Bryndza

Cold Blood (Detective Erika Foster Series, #5)

Following her last investigation, Detective Erika Foster is once again thrust into a complex case full of twists and turns. When a young boy’s body is discovered near an abandoned church, she must investigate the suspects and piece together what happened to him.

I’ve become a Robert Bryndza fanatic and galloped through the Detective Erika Foster series in no time. Very well written with believable plots and characters, polished dialogue and main character development.

As a proficient and battle-hardened detective, Erika Foster confronts her assignments with intrepid determination and a no-nonsense approach. Her husband, whose death is mentioned in every book, was a police officer who met a tragic end while on duty.

The series follows Erika’s character development as she learns to process her tumultuous past and the difficulties it brings and must face her own inner demons and unwavering resolve to triumph over them.

Book 5 in the series, Cold Blood sees Erika Foster hunting for a killer who has the trademark of putting victims in suitcases and then throwing them into the River Thames. Unlike with the four books before Cold Blood, the point of view changes throughout the book, which is jarring at first and takes getting used to.

There are similarities between Erika Foster series and the famous Harry Bosch. Both are detectives who always work to find justice and bring criminals to justice, no matter the cost or difficulty. Neither is ever willing to back down when faced with a challenge or a tough case.

Another reason I like this series is that Erika’s character develops in every book and we see a person who is smart, puts up with no rubbish and yet has lurking demons.

Hopefully, Erika finds more relationship stability. 

A fine story and an influential member of the Erika Foster series.

Potential Spoiler: I’m no fan of stories that have child or animal endangerment; in normal circumstances, that would be a book ender for me.

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