My Sister’s Grave by Robert Dugoni (2023)

Checks so many boxes

My Sister’s Grave by Robert Dugoni

Body in a shallow grave? ✅

Twenty year investigation by sister?✅

Courtroom drama?✅

Various strands leading you down the path of a foregone conclusion only to be forced to concede to a classic misdirection?✅

it of romance?✅



Strong main and sub-characters?✅

My Sister’s Grave is a great rollercoaster whodunnit, police procedural and mystery.

The story follows Tracy Crosswhite, a Seattle police detective, who has spent 20 years investigating the disappearance and murder of her younger sister, Sarah. Tracy believes that the man convicted of the crime, Edmund House, is innocent and has been wrongfully imprisoned.

Having spent all this time investigating the disappearance, Tracy is determined to discover what happened to her sister and the circumstances around her death.

Very much enjoyed reading this book. The twist when it came was not expected and the final showdown was nail-biting stuff.

This book, My Sister’s Grave, is in my top three books I’ve read this year and I’m keen to read more by this author.

There are twelve books in the Tracy Crosswhite series:

  1. My Sister’s Grave (2014)
  2. Her Final Breath (2015)+
  3. In the Clearing (2016)+
  4. The Trapped Girl (2017)
  5. Close to Home (2017)
  6. A Steep Price (2018)+
  7. A Cold Trail (2020)
  8. The Eighth Sister (2019)
  9. A Killer’s Mind (2019)
  10. Cross Her Heart (2020)
  11. The Last Agent (2020)
  12. In Her Tracks (2021)

+ Reviewed on this site.

P.S. One thing in this Kindle version I’ve never seen before was advertising. The story lists various news organizations covering the trial. Wall Street Journal is one of them. But the title was underlined. I tapped, and an ad appeared for a WSJ subscription. It was unobtrusive advertising, and I thought quite clever. I don’t know if the ad money goes to the author. I have a little fear of what might happen tomorrow in other books.

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